There are a few rules which you need to look forward to, while playing online blackjack. Some small tips (though they might seem trivial) can help you from the long term perspective. Let's get to know some of the basic terms in online blackjack and what to do, when you encounter such situations;

- 9 or Lower : In case of a 9 or lower situation, you should usually go for a Hit.

- 10 pr 11 : If you end up having a hand value of 10 or 11, then you should double down. But if your cards are not adding more value that the dealer's, then go for a hit.

- If you have a hand value of 12 to 16, then go for a hit as long as the dealer card is showing a 7 value or higher. If it is lower than 7, then stand.

- In case of a situation where you have a 17 or higher value, then you should stand and make your move in the next couple of turns.

- In case you have a 13 through 18 value, you can always double down, while the face up card of dealer has a 5 or 6 on it.

- Go for a HIT if your hand value is 17 or lower.

With practice and consistency you can always device your own strategies for different variations of online blackjack. These tips are not 100% in all situations, as you need to use your brains too.