Casinos With Live Dealers

Since the beginning of casinos on the internet, people have longed for better graphics, clearer sounds and an all-around more realistic experience. Today, many online casinos incorporate live dealers into the mix in order to keep their players happy.

Random Number Generators

At the inception of the online casino, the technology used to shuffle and deal cards, manipulate dice rolls and determine slot machine wins was known as RNG software--or random number generators. Though these were legally determined to be fair, many players shied away from these games because they felt as if they may be ripped off. Games that were affected included poker, baccarat and other card games that people felt could be adversely manipulated.

The Introduction of Live Dealers

Due to the number of players who became upset with RNG software, many casinos made the transition to live dealers. These were dealers in actual casinos--or at least they appeared to be--who used real cards and dice in order to provide realistic gameplay. They were easily viewed by the player via a video feed, though the quality of the picture varied due to the player's internet connection speed and the quality of the casino's server.

Which is Best?

In order to determine whether RNGs or live dealers provide the best opportunities to casino-goers, this question must be asked of the gamblers themselves. Scientifically and statistically, there is no difference between the two. However, since many players are more comfortable when facing an actual dealer, many casinos are making the transition and offering live dealers in their most popular games.

Players who want the most realistic experience possible from their online gambling ventures will certainly enjoy the realism provided by live dealers. However, it should be mentioned that the house edge does not chance due to their introduction.