Caribbean Stud Poker Online

Caribbean stud poker online is definitely an interesting game but the odds of winning are slightly low. The house edge is particularly high and hence there are fewer chances of winning. This game is easy to play and the rules too are very simple to understand. Even though it is an easy game, since you have to choose between three options of fold, call or tie, you cannot beat the house for a long time.

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However a player can always attempt to make safe bets so that he does not end up losing a lot of money on Caribbean stud poker online. For this you should keep a few guidelines in mind. When you are placing an ante wager always place the minimum amount that you required to place. You should also put in a dollar into the progressive jackpot only if the amount of the jackpot is more than $263,000. While playing, if you are given cards that have no pairs you should certainly fold instead of calling a bluff. This way you will not lose too much money on Caribbean stud poker online. If you have no pairs but have a king and an ace and one of your cards is same as the dealers up card, you should call.

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Also remember that the house advantage on a progressive jackpot of Caribbean stud poker online sometimes can be more than 25% and hence you should be particularly careful. Always keep an eye on the table limits. If they increase you will have to pay extra in order to continue your game. Don't place side bets on the progressive jackpot as there are more chances of losing than winning. Try your hand at Caribbean stud poker online but don't waste a lot of money on it.